About Hato Mall

A quick video guide for sellers

 Hato Mall is based in Woy Woy, Australia. With many years of the experience from the import and export industry, Hato Mall very well understands the needs and expectation of the business. Hato Mall mainly concerns the quality of service and the accuracy of product selling. Hato Mall have always remained loyal to our customers. Both sellers and buyers are important to us, not either one. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our safe trustworthy online trading and excellent service.

We also welcome any retailers and individuals to partner with us for your products. If any retailers or individuals would like to distribute our products, we offer 60 days payment term. Please contact us.

Hato Mall business operates as below:

  • Wholesale supplies of Australian products such as granola, muesli, dried fruit, nuts, snacks and confectionery to shops, gourmet cafes, restaurants and worldwide retailers.
  • Provide free online marketplace for retailers and individuals.

Hato Mall allows sellers from all countries to list the products or service in their own language to facilitate their local selling and non-English ability. Where sellers can speak English, it is encouraged for the product postings in English so that sellers can have a wider range of customers from over the world.

Hato Mall will be here to bring the own experience and provide support to everyone.

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ABN: 20 969 790 414

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