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Which online shopping is legit

Ways to tell if a website is a scam:

– Go to Google Transparency Report: enter the web address in the “Check site status” box and hit the Return key.

– Check Company Registries from the country you buy the products.

– Check if the web shop offers the secured payment methods.  In general credit cards and PayPal offer consumer protection by allowing consumers to get their money back in case the product is not delivered. 

Contact the Web Shop: A good web shop knows its customers want to communicate in different ways. Check if the company provides a phone number, an email ID or contact form. Call the company if in doubt or send a request for more information via email. A professional web shop usually replies within hours or a maximum of two working days depending on the medium.

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English Pronunciation app

Self-learning English listening and pronunciation.

Designed for School students.

It is FREE to download for use and learning.

Useful for everyone wanting to improve English on the go and from anywhere.

Free materials for Vietnamese school age students with answers to Exercise and Textbook questions.

Share photos, documents and notes on the go.

Convert photo to text.

This software helps Vietnamese students improve their skills and prepare well for class lessons.

Also useful for international students to learn more materials.


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Cost Budget calculator on “Hato Mall” app

This iOS app will help you for the followings:

– Find flash sale.

– Calculate percentage.

– Calculate to reduce the cost for your purchasing.

– Calculate a distance cost for car.

– Calculate decimal hours for payroll.

– Determine the selling prices for your products to increase profits.

– Do the costings for your products to save money.

– Check your pricing and save time in calculation.

– Calculate your profit to increase revenue.

– Calculate your discounts to save money.

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Hato Mall calculator apps for businesses and retailers

Check out our calculator apps on App Store. The apps will help you check your pricing, inventory and save time in calculation for your business.

Our apps for business convenience on the go:

– Convert photo to text.

– Determine the selling prices for your products to increase profits.

– Check your purchasing.

– Eliminate overstock issues.

– Manage your cash flow.

– Lower shipping costs.

– Calculate sell price for your sale in a marketplace.

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Catalogue – August 2021

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