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Catalogue – August 2021

On Sale

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English Practice: Learn & Shop

  • Improve English by Learn, Work and Shop.
  • Practise speaking, reading, writing, listening and pronunciation.
  • Improve various knowledge and skills.
  • Try a recipe for new taste.
  • Share photos, documents and notes on the go.
  • Convert photo to text.

This app is made for a quick version. More recipes will be updated later.

If anyone would like to join me the recipes, I would love to have the recipes under your nickname on this app !

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Helping SMEs manage and grow

With experience in Finance and Technology, Hato Mall can provide effective business solutions for SMEs (small and medium businesses):

– Help SMEs cross-check or get an idea to save costs and improve the work efficiency.

– Offer a range of office support services.

– Help small businesses improve their efficiency and profitability.

– Help small businesses with practical and simple solutions.

Available for chat or any requests via Direct phone call / Viber / Telegram: +614 3036 7074

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Hato Mall App – first release

An App for Hato Mall is now available on App Store. You can find and download this from App Store on iPhone.

Special offers will be on this App from time to time. Special offers are usually for a quick product clearance or promotion in a certain period of time. You may find it worthy for your food favourite or occasional gifts.

Let’s have this App handy on our phone for a quick access and offers.

For sellers, you can just simply use this App to send us photos and price. Hato Mall will then manage and sell the products for you.

Tech-savvy sellers can register and open your own store from the “Seller” tab. Sellers can then directly post the products in details on the go anytime.

Share this App with your friends:

SMS the below link to friends:

Or just go to the App Store, search for “Simple Seller” and share.

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QR code for your online store – a facility for Hato Mall members

Hato Mall is now supplying QR code for all online members who would like to have this as a convenience for your customers. For retailers /shops without a website, you can print this QR code to display at your counter. For individuals, you can print on somewhere you like to provide to your customers such as your business card or product wrapping.

With the QR code, your customers can use the phone to scan and go to your online store. Then your customers can see all your products online.

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Free sample – Wild Berry Granola 45g

Versatile product | Great as on the go snack

Hato Mall is giving a free sample of this product within 25 Nov 2020 to 02 Dec 2020 to have your review and comments on the product. Please contact us or email us at if anyone is interested in this.

Once you try the sample, please click here to write the comments for us. The review section is below the product details.