Advantages of Hato Mall marketplace

  • Provide a wholesale account to customers such as shops, gourmet cafes, restaurants and worldwide retailers. Sellers can contact us for details. Buyers will have login details to view products.
  • Free online marketplace for retailers and individuals.
  • Free advertising service for all products of online members.
  • Showcase your business to the world.
  • Easy to upload products & service right from your phone anytime anywhere.
  • Single individuals / families can purchase products on our website for convenience and savings.
  • Options to view our website or post a product / service in your own language (***Note: This feature is only to assist the people who are less English literate such as people from non-English speaking countries. For English literate people, it is recommended to have posts in English so that you can have more readers and a wider range of customers).
  • Provide free support in English and Vietnamese.